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Focusing on Elective Restart

Delivering more effective/objective stratification, prioritization and validation of waiting lists

SUMMARY IMPACT POTENTIAL Elective Surgical Waiting Lists - Up to 8% reduction in emergency admissions – 100’s of surgeon years of time saved – 125 bed-days per 1,000 patients saved.

C2-AI has adapted and automated existing systems in use in the NHS and globally for 12 years. Unique, approved, referenced systems that risk-adjust at individual patient level calculating risk of mortality and complications PLUS the impact of deterioration on the waiting list. The systems have been evolved around the World’ s largest referential dataset by our co-founder, inventor of the POSSUM methodology, a world-renowned approach for assessing clinical performance against the expected outcome for surgical patients.

Focusing on Elective Restart

SUMMARY IMPACT POTENTIAL Hospital Improvement - 56% reduction in surgical complications - 84% reduction in triggers – 13,000 bed-days saved per hospital pa

Copeland Clinical AI (C2-Ai) provides globally unique, Ai-backed systems that help hospitals to demonstrably reduce avoidable harm, mortality and variation.

With over 30 years of research, Copeland Clinical Ai, Inc. has developed, tested, and proven unique clinical Artificial intelligence (Ai)-backed systems that help hospitals and health systems demonstrably reduce avoidable harm, mortality, and cost. By accurately risk adjusting for each patient, Copeland Clinical Ai systems provide hospitals with the ability to see up to 90% more harm than their current systems, identify which hospitals and specialists are doing well, where hospitals have issues for mortality and complications, the causes and economic impact, and how to resolve the issues and avoid future harm.

C2-Ai’s systems are proven to work across different geographies and are being used in hospitals globally, as well as by regulatory authorities such as the UK’s Care Quality Commission. Unlike other solutions, the approach is individualized, with ‘made-to-measure’ results for every patient, accurately adjusted for physiological characteristics and multiple triggers. The risk of complications is patient-specific and can be used to improve care, avoid harm, and demonstrably reduce associated costs.

Example results using our range
of retrospective and prospective systems

$2-20 Millon Potential Direct Cost Savings/hospital p.a.
Of Healthcare Spending
Is Waste
Reduction In
Reduction In Surgical
Annual Lives Saved
Potential Per Hospital
More Issues Detected/resolved Than Typical Hospital Monitoring
Reduction In Overall Acute Kidney Injury
Reduction In Hospital Acquired Pneumonia

PangeaMed C2 Ai Groundbreaking Technology

PangeaMed represents this groundbreaking vital technology across its territory, where elective backlogs are a crippling factor for an already burdened healthcare sector.