We’re changing the way healthcare shares data to make the promise of improved health outcomes possible.

The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption - while technology is an essential part of delivering care to patients, technology can also help change the way the industry operates.

PangeaMed has formed a strategic alliance through a collaboration agreement with Crowd Media to integrate Crowd’s AI technology into the African healthcare sector.


Robotic Healthcare Workers

This “Conversational Platform” will improve communication between patients and healthcare providers, across all language groups, in an efficient and error-free way.

The Platform will incorporate a fully digital human interactive version of a healthcare provider which will interact with patients, leveraging Crowd’s “talking head” technology, thereby creating a realistic virtual healthcare provider.

PangeaMed & Crowd Media Working Together

By facilitating better and quicker communication between patients and healthcare providers, PangeaMed and Crowd Media are working together to improve the quality of healthcare for those that need it most.